Boston Restaurants Bucket List

I have some big news. We're moving! And moving pretty far away to another very exciting food city: SAN FRANCISCO! And while we're already making a list of restaurants we want to eat at in our new home, we still have a few weeks left in Boston and we're formulating a "bucket list" of places that we NEED to try (or retry) before we go. Here's the preliminary, please send your thoughts and additions to the list SOON so we can make sure to fulfill our food lives in Boston before we head out to the left coast.

To try for the first time:
Mei Mei Street Kitchen
Uni/Clio (specifically, the late night ramen)
Row 34

To revisit before we go:
Neptune Oyster (lobster roll, with butter, YES)
TW Food (specifically, the Tuesday night wine dinner)
Highland Kitchen (if we can get in, the lines here have gotten insane in the past few years!)

What are the major omissions? Obviously, there are a lot of favorites that aren't even listed here (Ten Tables, Puritan & Co, No. 9 Park, Menton, Rialto, Harvest, Sarma, Pescatore, Giacomo's, Myers & Chang, Sweet Cheeks, Tupelo, West Bridge, Posto) but we don't have time to revisit all the old favs, sadly. We'll definitely be back to visit and try/retry places!

If you have any San Francisco recommendations, we'll take those too :)


Marbele mark said…
Hello, I had a great dinner at Boston restaurants with my boss & colleagues on celebration of my 25th birthday party. You can’t believe that food was fabulous; I never had this much yummy food before that. 

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