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Smoked BBQ Chicken

Summer is coming to an end, so we're trying to squeeze as much grilling as we can into the season. BBQ chicken is one of those things that is just SO SO good on the grill. Sure, you can make a good BBQ chicken in the oven, but it's really not the same. 
We recently bought the PartyQ temperature controller for our grill, which helps keep a low constant temperature for smoking. If you don't have this, or a smoker, do not attempt this recipe since the chicken will be at an unsafe temp. However, the original recipe that we adapted this from was actually for smokerless smoked chicken, so check that out for an alternative.

BBQ sauce is the perfect accompaniment for this chicken, Tucker makes a killer sweet and spicy one that we are still attempting to document exactly what goes in it. We'll have to post that one another time.

Smoked Chicken (adapted from Chef Steps)
25 g salt (approx)100 g molasses 25 g soy sauce 1 whole Chicken, ours was about 5 poundsInstructi…

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