Birthday Cupcakes: A Request For Help!

Tucker doesn't believe in cupcakes. He acknowledges they exist, but he says serious cooks don't make cupcakes. He thinks the cake dries out in the oven, he thinks they are a dumb fad. I'll concede the point about fads, but it doesn't stop me from loving cupcakes. They're cute! And they have a favorable cake-to-frosting ratio (i.e., more frosting per bite). They're also more portable than cake. As a concession to my love of cupcakes, once per year, on my birthday, Tucker will make cupcakes. As a result I spend the rest of the year dreaming about what cupcakes I should request.

Here is a roundup of cupcakes from the past few years (WARNING, there are explicitly delicious pictures of cupcakes below):

2009: S'more Cupcakes

2010: Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cupcakes


2011: Cookie Dough Cupcakes
These were some of my favorite cupcakes, and for some reason, I can't find a picture of them! They were vanilla cupcakes filled with cookie dough, brown sugar frosting, and a mini cookie on top. I'll update the post if I can find a pic.

2012: Cannoli Cupcakes
No blog post on this, sadly, but they were a vanilla cupcake filled and topped with homemade ricotta and sugar, with a chocolate glaze, topped with a crispy cookie and chocolate shavings.

2013: ???
This is where I need help. What is your favorite cupcake recipe? The more decadent the better! Leave a comment with your suggestion.

Some preliminary inspirations:


Lydia Rainville said…
Here's 15 pages of cupcakes to make the choice even harder...

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