Whiskey And (Vegetarian) Haggis: Food Highlights From Scotland

Ok, the United Kingdom isn't exactly know for its culinary prowess. However, beyond the bland and undersalted food you find in England, Scotland has some interesting culinary creations, most of which is based on smoked fish (yum!). Of course, there is also the famous haggis (a sausage made of sheep offals, go to wikipedia for more in-depth explanation if you really want), neeps (mashed yellow turnips), and tatties (mashed potatoes), which I didn't have the stomach (no pun intended) to try, but I did have a delicious vegetarian version of it at the Auld Smitty Inn in Pitlochry!
It was at the Auld Smiddy Inn that Tucker and I also tasted sticky toffee pudding for the first time, which is a really yummy Scottish dessert, sort of a bread pudding made with dates and served with butterscotch sauce and ice cream. I was really surprised at how much I liked it, not being a huge date or butterscotch fan. The other classic Scottish dish we very much enjoyed was cullen skin, basically a potato and leek soup with smoked haddock.

But really, Scotland isn't known for its food, it's known for its drink: malt whiskey. Disclaimer, I'm not a whiskey afficionado, that would be Tucker's job, but I did go along for the ride! Tucker visited Edradour and Blair Athol distilleries before I arrived in Scotland. Edradour is tiny, the smallest distillery in Scotland. After I arrived, we visited Tomatin and Dalwhinnie distilleries. Our tour at Dalwhinnie was the best tour of the trip, and it was also my favorite of the whiskies we tried. Tomatin was also really neat because it is the only Scottish distillery left where all of the workers live on premises at the distillery.

After touring the highlands, we also spent a whirlwind day in Edinburgh where we managed to see all of the major sites in one day. We did, however, have time to stop at Clarinda's Tearoom, an adorable little teashop with lace tableclothes and ancient photographs on the walls. We both go the cream tea, which was tea and a scone with jam and fresh whipped clotted cream. It was perfection.


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