Austin Restaurant Roundup Part II: La Condesa and Truck Food!

To wrap up the rest of the amazing food I ate in Austin...
Our last night in town, we had a fantastic meal at La Condesa, a tex-mex restaurant that I had found on the James Beard award list for 2009 for best new restaurant, and it just so happened that my friend also knew the chef! I don't have many pictures of the food there because it was dark in there, but the food was beautiful and delicious. Some highlights:
The margarita La Condesa (The BEST margarita I've ever had) with Sauza Hornitos plata, damiana, pineapple juice, agave nectar, lime juice, cactus salt rim
The wild mushroom huarches (crisp corn tortilla with toppings)
The cobia ceviche
The elote:
 And the desserts were fantastic, my favorite was the chevre cheesecake:
The keylime torte was also excellent, but my favorite part of this dish was the sour cream ice cream that it came with:
Overall, fantastic meal, I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

La Condesa on Urbanspoon

Now, I should mention that we didn't only eat fancy food in nice restaurants, we also had some very good street food from Austin's famous food trucks. I LOVE food trucks, especially the ones in Kendall Square. Here is a quick list of some of the food trucks we sampled:
Hey Cupcake:
The South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery where there are a bunch of trucks and a lovely outdoor eating place!
Man bites dog  Chicken sausage with sweet corn relish and pesto mayo and Chicken sausage with soft brie & mango chutney:
Torchy's Tacos where I shamefully (and deliciously) ate Jamaican jerk chicken tacos with grilled jalapenos, and mango and (even more shamefully) deep fried cookie dough:
Holy Cacao, where we had cake pops (I liked the peanut butter one the best) and a red velvet cake milkshake:
Ok, I took this picture from Holy Cacao's website because I didn't get a good shot of it myself.
The Chef de Plunge on Foodista


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