Austin Restaurant Roundup: Zoot

I went to Austin to reunite with my beloved Smith College friends, and ended up on an impromptu food tour of Austin (as we are known to do). Oh,  and it was also SXSW, but nevermind...

We tried everything from the James Beard award winning restaurants to the most famous street food trucks. Of course I photographed everything to make others jealous :)

Our culinary adventure began at Zoot where we got five course tasking menus in three varieties: Chef's menu, Farmer's menu (vegetarian), and a vegan menu (we called ahead and they were happy to accommodate our token vegan. And you know what? Her food was fantastic, and actually better than the non-vegan options on a few courses).

We started with an amuse bouche of strawberries, basil, a balsamic reduction and honey comb. A+!
Next up on the chef's menu, prawns with fingerling potatoes.
The farmer's menu had a root vegetable salad with a deconstructed mustard vinaigrette.
The farmer's menu next had a butternut squash bisque with pickled hot peppers.
The chef's menu next had a blue cheese salad with walnuts.
And then grilled snapper with chickpea fritters
Butternut squash risotto with pepitas
Roasted duck with apples
Mushroom ravioli with root vegetables, gremolata, and pecorino cream
Flourless bittersweet chocolate cake with hazelnuts

Overall, an excellent meal, I give it 4.5 stars

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