Homemade Bagels!

Way back in April, Tucker and I were inspired by this article in Slate about homemade food staples (bagels, cream cheese, yogurt, jam, crackers, and granola). I've made yogurt from scratch before (not too exciting), and we have made jam before (that is definately better than store bought), and my mom has been making Moosewood Granola since forever, so homemade bagels looked the most exciting!

First, we made the dough in the bread machine, then we boiled the bagels, then we baked them! We made shallot, Parmesan, and sesame bagels. The one issue we ran into is that we never quite got them to be cooked all the way through, they were always a little gooey in the middle, although still delicious. I suspect this had something to do with how we made the dough in the bread machine, so next time, I want to try Joan Nathan's recipe.


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